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Electricity-free technologies for an energy-efficient future.

Sunny Clean Water, LLC (SCW) is a spin-out from University at Buffalo. The company is developing technologies enabling end users to reduce energy consumption & costs while conserving environmental resources.


At Sunny Clean Water, we are determined to provide access to clean, safe and reliable water across the world. Through our technology, we can help end the water crisis in a simple, affordable way.


Our products require no electricity and use lower-cost materials than other competing water purification and active cooling systems. Our latest solar water distiller prototype (v5) reduces ~15% of electricity consumption in cooling and ~20% in heating. It also produces clean water 2-3x faster than current direct competitors.


Global water resources are in looming crisis – a 40% shortfall between water demand and supply is forecast by 2030. Drivers of this scarcity issue include accelerating demand due to population growth, expanding agriculture needs, and intensifying industrial uses as well as dwindling supply due largely to climate change impacting wider areas. This speeds up evaporation, reduces expected rainfall, and prolongs drought and fire conditions. These systemic pressures are further punctuated by more frequent acute water emergencies triggered by increasing extreme weather events and infrastructure failures that often leave thousands of people without clean drinking water for days, weeks, or even longer.


Our solar water distiller was initially developed for use in military deployments (funded by Army CoE) but the technology is equally well-suited to emergency preparedness/response, disaster relief, outdoor/survivalist, agricultural, and industrial applications, as well as in remote locations or in areas lacking basic water infrastructure. Secondary markets for products in our development pipeline include greenhouses and lithium mining/processing industries