The evaporation of water is a very common event, both in nature and in modern processes.  


forming of clouds

purification of drinking water

manufacturing of medicine

mining of lithium salts

sanitation of waste fluid

All these activities require water evaporation.  

watts of power reaching earth
gallons of water on earth


At Sunny Clean Water, we have developed technology that allows us to harness the power of the sun during water evaporation.

We can increase the speed of evaporation, and decrease the associated energy costs!

The Potential To Drastically Improve Throughput And Savings

Based on researched performed primarily at the University at Buffalo, we have developed methods for extremely cost-effective and efficient solar vapor generation under non-concentrated illumination.

We do this using our patented carbon nano materials, including our carbon black paper and nano-material cloth, and our thermal isolation processes.

Carbon Nano-Materials

Our low-cost carbon nano-materials are more than 88% efficient at converting solar light into heat.

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Our nano-material cloth is more than 88% efficient!

Saving Matters

Why pay for energy, when you could use the abundant solar energy you already have? And yes, our material works on cloudy days!


Our rates are 3x faster than current solar stills.

Speed Matters

Our patented carbon nano-material cloth has the ability to evaporate water at rates of up to 1.4 kg per square meter per hour!


Our technology is adaptable for multiple different uses!

Versatility Matters

Whether you are a mining company, a non-profit, or an outdoor adventurist, our technology can adapt to met your needs!

We Offer Solutions For

At Sunny Clean Water

We Value

Creativity | Quality | Compassion.

  • Creativity allows us to continue to scientifically develop our solar technology.

  • Quality ensures that we do it in a way that exceeds the needs and expectations of our customers.

  • Compassion means we are purposeful in applying our technology to help people, preserve our environment, and provide water to those who need it most.


Creativity allows us to stay innovative and search for solutions where others have given up.


Compassion shows that we care about more than the bottom line and profit margins. We care about people.


Quality represents our character. It shows that as an organization, we care about our customers and clients.

We’re here to help you harness the power of the sun!

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