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February 2018
Sunny Clean Water LLC has received a $225,000 Phase I SBIR award from the NSF

UB startup uses sunshine to clean dirty water for disasters, poor nations

October 2017

Ocean Exchange Finalists

September 2017
Sunny Clean Water has been accepted into the final round of the Ocean Exchange pitch competition!

nexus ny phase 2

May 2017

We are happy to announce that we have been accepted into the second phase of the NEXUS NY program.  Phase 2 awards us $40,000 in funding from NYSERDA, allowing us to further de-risk our technology through engineering consultation, secure key commercialization partners, and develop our next generation array style prototype.  Phase 2 of this program also gives us the opportunity to pitch in front of Venture Capitalists and industry partners from New York State.

University’s solar-powered still improves ancient water cleaning technology

February 2017

For for centuries people have used sunlight to filter water but a new solar technology could be a game changer

Sunlight-powered purifier could clean water for the impoverished

February 2017

One-tenth of the world’s population lacks clean water. Now, researchers report they have developed a cheap solar still, which uses sunlight to purify dirty water up to four times faster than a current commercial version. The raw materials cost less than $2 per square meter. The technology will “allow people to generate their own drinking water much like they generate their own power via solar panels on their house roof,” says Zhejun Liu, a visiting scholar at the State University of New York (SUNY) in Buffalo and one of the study’s co-authors.

UB researchers develop device that cleans contaminated water

February 2017
AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) —  “We know that water quality is one of the most important things to our health, even in the U.S. we still have a lot of water contamination accidents,” said Qiaoqiang Gan, University at Buffalo Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering.

Acceptance into Phase 1 of NEXUS NY

January 2017

NEXUS NY is a clean energy seed accelerator sponsored by the state of New York.  Phase 1 gives us $10,000 in funding to evaluate problem solution fit so we can de-risk the business opportunity.  We will be mentored in lean startup techniques from veteran entrepreneurs who have worked in the clean energy sector.

Academics build ultimate solar-powered water purifier

January 2017

BUFFALO, N.Y. — You’ve seen Bear Grylls turn foul water into drinking water with little more than sunlight and plastic.

Now, academics have added a third element — carbon-dipped paper — that may turn this survival tactic into a highly efficient and inexpensive way to turn saltwater and contaminated water into potable water for personal use.