Remove Contamination

A simple and effective way to control biological contamination in drinking water

Generate Clean Water

Generate 10-20 liters of water per day. Link stills for additional volume.

Any Body of Water

Just float the still on any body of water. Works on salt water, fresh water, gray water, and contaminated sources.


We do this using our patented, carbon nanomaterials and thermal isolation processes. Our low-cost evaporative process has more than 88% efficiency at converting solar light into heat. Our still is 3X faster at generating water than any other still.


Long Life

It’s simple to replace our proprietary evaporative cloth


Low Cost

Provides a family or neighborhood with continuous generation of safe water at the lowest possible cost


Easy to Use

Limited user interaction; does not require daily dosage treatments


Simple Assembly

Easy assembly for a single person. Solar rechargeable battery powered air pump supplied.

No Electricity

Requires no outside electrical power. Solar rechargeable battery powered water pump supplied.

Scalable System

Supply water for a single family or go larger to serve a community. Multiple units can be plumbed together with solar-powered pumps to generate larger amounts of water.